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Show #272: It’s Never Too Late…To Ignite Your Feminine Fire!

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Aurora Farber – Feminine Leadership Coach is sharing with you how to ignite your feminine fire for women in mid-life.

Are you like Wonder Woman?

A strong, independent woman who can fix anything and save the world…all while holding down a powerful job and taking care of everyone else in your life.

While you don’t mind saving and helping friends, family or co-workers…you realize that your life has completely taken a back seat to everyone else.

You’ve lost track of yourself and have forgotten what lights you up any more.

Masculine Energy is Dominating Your Life!

You notice that you’ve become so hardwired in DOing, instead of BEing!

Which isn’t good because that means your masculine energy is dominating your life.

And if you’re being really honest with yourself…

You’ve come to realize that you don’t even know how to ignite your feminine energy, so you’re more in balance.

So, how can you show up more in alignment in feminine power, love and wisdom?

If you want to find out how to do just that, then tune into my amazing interview with Feminine Leadership Coach, Aurora Farber, “It’s Never Too Late…To Ignite Your Feminine Fire!”

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