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How to Find Love
How to Find Love


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How to Find Love:

One of the most important things you can do to find love is to get a Love Mentor.
A Love Mentor is someone who can help guide you in the right direction to find the right man and relationship.
A Love Mentor is not a friend or family member, as they will not give you the best dating advice. Friends & family members are biased and will tell you what they think you want to hear or they will tell you what they think based on how they feel about the man you’re dating.
If you really want to find love, then here’s some of the ways a Love Mentor can guide you:

  • Help you understand what you want in a man and a relationship

You may think you know what you want in a man and relationship, but a Love Mentor will help you determine if your expectations are truly realistic.

  • Help you understand if you’re sabotaging yourself in relationships

Believe it or not, you can unknowingly sabotage a great relationship with the right man.  And it may have to do with a fear of commitment or closeness.

  • How you may be isolating yourself from meeting the right man

You may not realize this, but you may also be isolating yourself or blocking yourself from meeting the right man. By doing nothing, you are actually blocking yourself.

It’s time to be proactive and get out there and meet the right man.

  • How being too picky may be keeping you single

Being too picky about men is a way to block yourself from ever finding the right man or relationship.

It’s important to remember that no one is going to be 100% of what you’re looking for and if you keep looking for perfect, you’re going to be single for the rest of your life.

  • How sleeping with a man too soon can ruin a relationship

Never sleep with a man in hopes of winning him over.  Men can have sex with no emotional connection, that is not what will win a man over.

So, if you’re really ready to find love, then first find a Love Mentor who will truly help you understand yourself and what you want in a man and a relationship.  And a Love Mentor will guide you in the right direction to the right man.
If you want to know the secrets on where to meet men, then check out my eBook, “The Secrets on Where to Meet Men!” – Find out the 65 best places to meet men!
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