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Show #308: Is He Right for Me? Trust Your Intuition

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Has this ever happened to you?

You start dating a man who checks all the boxes.

He’s handsome, charismatic and charming.

He’s confident and has a great sense of humor.

You have so much in common and can talk for hours on end.

As you get to know each other on a deeper level, you feel such a deep emotional connection.

But…there’s always a “BUT”.

You Get a Funny Feeling Inside

You’re not sure what it is. In fact, you can’t even articulate it, but you get a funny feeling.

You try to ignore it…because you feel like it’s just your imagination running wild.

But is it really your imagination…or is it REAL?

You keep asking yourself…

“Is he really the right man for me?!”

Find out how to really figure out if he’s the right man for you and why you shouldn’t ignore those funny feelings you get inside of you from Yolanda Shoshana.

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  1. L. Adams says:

    There are 7 physical body chakras. The ones she is discussing primarily are the sacral chakra below your belly button. The heart chakra is more obvious. But there are three spiritual chakras above your head and more outside of your body going into the earth. You tap into these chakras by learning to be quiet, concentrate on “breathing into” the individual chakras, especially the Third Eye chakra for intuition. But you need to learn to bring in the spiritual chakras from above, and bringing that down through the earth chakras to ground yourself.

    1. Suzanne Oshima says:

      Thanks for sharing that info about the chakras. It’s super interesting….I want to learn how to tap into mine, so I become more aligned in mind, body and spirit!

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