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How to Maximize Your Online Profile
Maximize Your Online Profile

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Show #194: My guest on the show is PJ Dixon, Life, Love & Relationship Coach at PJ’s Wisdom.
My guest on this week’s show is PJ Dixon, a life, love, and relationship coach. Over the years, Dixon has built his knowledge of love and relationships by analyzing the experiences of his friends and family and becoming aware of how men and women develop intimate relationships.
When it comes to online dating and what attracts men, women often wonder what it takes to create an inviting online profile that captivates the type of men they wish to connect with. This week, PJ and I discuss a few online dating profile tips for women to display the very best image of themselves and what they’re looking for in a partner.
PJ’s first online dating profile tip is to not only include your own interests in your profile statement but also what you’re looking for in a man. Include specific conditions and qualities of the man you’re man trying to attract. Clarify why you’re interested in this type of person, and use this opening statement to reveal something more about yourself. Discovering shared interests helps make stronger connections and will make it easier for the men you’re trying to attract to take the next step and reach out.
The second online dating tip is to fill out the entire profile. In order for a woman to get a better understanding of what attracts a man, it’s important to recognize the power that a complete profile has on first date conversation. Full profiles allow for both men and women to identify very quickly topics of interests to focus on – they reveal a level of commitment of a man or woman that’s serious about finding that special someone.
PJ’s final online dating profile tip for women is to put in the extra effort to feature great photos that compliment you well. Lush, vibrant colors such as red, hot pink, or orange never fail to capture interest, so dawn your favorite dress and snap the perfect photo. Additionally, be sure to include photos of yourself outdoors doing a hobby that you enjoy and a snapshot of your biggest, brightest smile. Images like these emit life and energy, revealing to potential partners that you’d bring vibrancy to the relationship. Consider hiring a professional photographer to bring out the best you and highlight your most attractive features – remember that quality is key.
When it comes to what attracts men, a smile and clear intentions go a long way. What are your thoughts on PJ’s online dating profile tips for women? Let us know in the comments below!
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