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Show #287: It’s Never Too Late…Men Don’t Speak Your Language

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Suzanne Oshima –  Life & Love Transformational Coach is sharing with you how to communicate with men in a relationship.

Special Date Night!

The other day a good friend whom I’ll call Christine* reached out to me, as she really needed some advice about Dan* and their relatively new relationship.

Overall, Christine was thrilled with how things were going in the relationship, but last week Dan did something that really upset her.

Last Thursday night, they had plans to go to an amazing dinner at a new hot spot in town that is difficult to get a reservation at.

Christine was so excited about it, that she left work a little early so she could get ready in time for their special date night.

She showered, put on fresh makeup, curled her hair and put on her amazing new red dress and heels.

He Canceled At The Last Minute!

After she finished getting ready, she relaxed on her couch waiting for Dan to pick her up…trying her best not to wrinkle her new dress.

But 25 minutes before he was supposed to pick her up, he called and said he had bad news.

Dan had to cancel their special night out because right before he was about to leave the office, his boss called him into his office and scheduled a last minute late night meeting to handle an emergency situation that came up with one of the firm’s most important client.

Dan said, “I feel horrible about this, but it’s completely out of my control. I hope you understand and I promise to make it up to you.”

Christine told Dan that she completely understood and not to worry.

Don’t Say, “I’m Fine!” When You’re Not!

When they got together over the weekend for brunch, Dan apologized again for canceling at the last minute.

After brunch they decided to take a walk, but Dan felt like something was off with Christine, so he asked her if everything was OK.

And Christine replied, “Yes, I’m fine.”

But she wasn’t.

Christine was still really angry about what happened and she felt like Dan needed to apologize again.

But I completely disagreed with her…because men aren’t mind readers!

Men Don’t Speak Your Language

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