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Show #321: The Biggest Online Dating Profile Mistakes That Repel Men Away

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Are you completely frustrated with online dating?

You’re not alone!

The other day, I did a post on Facebook about meeting a quality man online.

I was completely shocked by the amount of negative comments, here is just a few:

“Not going to find a quality man, if there aren’t any..”

“I have went through all of them and there are no good men out here that wants a relationship”

“Right….and there will be dancing, talking pink unicorns at my next birthday party. #nothappening”

“Don’t think so. 99% losers on dating sites”

It made me sad to read those comments, not because they were so negative…but because I know the real reason why they’re not meeting any quality men online.

And it’s not because there aren’t any quality men in the world and they aren’t unicorns!

The real reason they’re not meeting any quality men online is because they’re making some big mistakes on their online profile that are repelling the right men away.

How do I know?

Because I used to own an online dating site and I can look at anyone’s profile and tell within the first 30 seconds why it’s not working.

And of my clients who are now in long term committed relationships and marriages…guess where they met their boyfriends and husbands?

90% of them have met them online!

Yes, really!

So, if quality men aren’t contacting you, then you just might be making some mistakes on your profile that can be easily turned around.

If you want to know what mistakes you may be making on your online profile, then tune into my amazing interview with my amazing guest host, Marjorie Adams-Fiore.

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