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Overcome Challenges to Find Love Again

Overcome Challenges to Find Love Again

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Show #299: It’s Never Too Late…To Overcome Major Challenges & Find Love Again!

Rocky Road to Love

Life hasn’t always been easy for Jesse…it’s been a rocky road for her to find love again.

Jesse grew up a strong, independent woman and had the attitude of, “I don’t need anyone”.

Can you relate? 😉

But what she didn’t realize was…by having that mindset and attitude, she was attracting all the wrong type of men into her life.

At one point, she thought she would be ok with being alone…BUT the truth was she didn’t want to be alone the rest of her life.

Life Threw a Major Curve Ball

And as life would have it, she was thrown a major curve ball several years ago when she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

How could that be?!

Jesse was the epitome of a healthy young woman, who was a former ballerina, ate healthy and even gave birth at home.

After she was diagnosed, the rheumatoid arthritis progressed rather quickly and at one point she couldn’t walk for almost a year.

Instead of wallowing in the negativity of her diagnosis, she has chosen to have a positive outlook despite her challenges.

The good news is, she’s now in remission.

Jesse Found Love Again!

And that’s when the universe brought Devan into her life…when they met it love at first sight.

Despite everything crazy happening in the world right now…Devan and Jesse recently got married!


P. S. Someone who watched this interview thought Jesse didn’t have the right to talk about the topic of, “It’s never too late…” because she looks like she’s barely even 30!

Well the truth is, Jesse is 41 years old!

Yes, really…and it’s truly a testament to her amazing skincare products, which keep her looking so young.

And I will also share with you, I also use two of her products: The Golden Secrets Youth Beauty Face Oil and the Heal All Oil (which is my favorite).

I have lines in my forehead which are more prominent because I have really dry skin, but using both of these amazing oils have made my skin look amazing, too. (and she did not pay me to say that!)

If you’re interested in finding out more about The Golden Secrets you can go here => The Golden Secrets

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