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Show #261: It’s Never Too Late…To Own Our Shadow!

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Rebeca Eigen – 7th House Astrologer is sharing with you how to own your shadow in your relationships.

Do you ever feel like you keep attracting the same type of men?

You’re not alone!

I hear women say this all time.

If you want to figure out why you keep attracting the same type of men…the answer lies within YOU, not the MEN!

Yes, really!

Most people think that the common denominator is the MEN…

Nope, the common denominator is…YOU!

I know, that can be hard to hear, but it’s the truth!

Uncover Your Shadow

You have to uncover your repeating relationship patterns that are holding you back.

But, how do you do that?

Well, that’s where your “shadow” comes in.

Your shadow shows up in all your relationships…not just your romantic ones.

And until you uncover what your shadow is, it could hold you back from a healthy relationship with the right man.

The reality is, most people are uncomfortable and scared to uncover what their is shadow is. But until you uncover and own your shadow, it’s going to work against you!

And that’s when you may find yourself stuck and not moving forward in your romantic relationships.

So, if you’ve been feeling frustrated and stuck, today Rebeca Eigen is sharing with you how to uncover and own your shadow.

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