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Finding Love Again After Loss

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Show #311: From Pain & Grief to Finding Love Again

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Life Doesn’t Always Have a Happy Ending

Sometimes life doesn’t have the happy ending you expected…and you’re left shattered and picking up the pieces.

Like Rosemary’s story…

Rosemary was married with young children, when her husband unexpectedly passed away.

Her life as she knew it, completely fell apart and she was left devastated and scared about what to do next.

As any mother would do, she quickly learned how to survive in order to provide for her children.

But in the process of dealing with the grief of her husband’s death…she became very angry and bitter.

The truth was Rosemary had every right to be angry because the way her husband’s life was taken…but what she didn’t realize was the anger she was holding onto, was also holding her back in life in so many ways.

Rosemary Started Dating Again

After several years, Rosemary thought she had healed and got back out there to date.

But when every relationship didn’t work out…she quickly realized that she had to learn how to heal from the unresolved pain and grief because it was holding her back from finding a healthy relationship again.

If you want to find out how to Rosemary was able to move through the pain and grief to heal and move on, then tune into this amazing interview, “From Pain & Grief to Finding Love Again”

Rosemary’s story will surely inspire you and help you keep moving forward.

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