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Show #307: Take the “Pick Me!” Sign Off Your Back!

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Janet Was Secretly In Love with John

Janet* had been secretly in love with John* for over 4 years, but they were just friends (*names have been changed to protect their privacy).

Day after day, month after month and year after year…

Janet hoped and prayed that one day…

John would wake up and see that the love of his life had been standing right in front of him all along.

John Finally Asked Her Out!

And that day finally came when John asked Janet, “Why haven’t we ever dated?”

Janet had to pinch herself…

She finally heard the words she had been longing for, for over 4 years!

She tried to contain her excitement and was able to casually say, “Because you never asked me out!”

And that’s when he finally asked her out for a real date!

Please, Pick Me!

As she was getting ready for the date…

Janet thought to herself…

I need to wear the perfect outfit that makes me look amazing, so he’ll find me attractive.

I need to say all the right things, so he sees how smart and intelligent I am.

I just need to prove and show him how amazing I am…

So, he’ll PICK ME and want to spend the rest of his life with me!

What Janet didn’t realize was that she was showing up with John with the wrong energy.

It was almost as if, she had a sign on her back that said, “Pick Me!”

If you want to find out how to shift out of the “pick me” energy and find love again then tune into my amazing interview with Gayle Maree, Spiritual Counselor and Author.

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