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Show #293: It’s Never Too Late To Rebuild Your Self Confidence After Heartbreak

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Shannon Johanson – Health & Fitness Coach is sharing with you how to rebuild your self confidence and self esteem after heartbreak to find love again.

Do you struggle with confidence?

Do you ever feel like you’re confident in all areas of your life…except dating and relationships?

You’re not alone…Shannon Johanson struggled with confidence for years.

But if you were to look at a picture of Shannon, you would never guess she that she struggles with self confidence.


Because on the outside, she looks strong and is very confident physically, but on the inside she was struggling with confidence in relationships.

Marriage Wasn’t Happily Ever After

Shannon had a picture in her mind of being happily married for the rest of her life with 4 kids. But when her first marriage started crumbling, she was devastated because this wasn’t how things were supposed happen.

She did everything in her power to make the marriage work because she didn’t want to get divorced.

After the marriage ended, she focused on starting over again and building back up her self confidence and self esteem.

How Shannon Found Love Again!

As hard as that journey was at the time…

What Shannon didn’t realize at the time was the divorce was a blessing in disguise! Yes, really!

Shannon found love again and is now married to a man who treats here like a queen and she’s never been happier!

Find out how Shannon was able to build back up her self confidence and navigate through the heartbreak to find love again, in my amazing interview with her.

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