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To Reclaim Your Power After an STD Diagnosis

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Live, Love and Thrive with Herpes

Show #265: It’s Never Too Late…To Reclaim Your Power After an STD Diagnosis

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Dr. Kelly Schuh is sharing with you how to reclaim your power in dating after an STD diagnosis.

This is Awkward!

Well, this is awkward, but I need to have an important conversation with you…

It‘s about something that everyone avoids talking about because it can be a bit uncomfortable…but not talking about it, doesn’t make it go away.

So, here goes…

Have you been diagnosed with herpes?

There can be so much shame, guilt when you’re diagnosed and a feeling like your life is over.

But believe it or not, having herpes is way more common than you think.

If you’ve been carrying around this deep dark secret for years…you’re not alone!

A high percentage of the population of both women and men have it, or are carriers of herpes and don’t even know it.

So, it’s time to clear up the misconceptions about herpes, as it’s doesn’t have to be a life sentence…otherwise, it can negatively effect your self esteem and self confidence in dating.

How To Have The Conversation with Him!

When you finally meet a man who you have a special connection with…at some point, you’ll be faced with having to have a conversation with him about herpes.

Your mind starts racing…

WHEN should I bring this up to him?!

And HOW should I bring this up to him?!


This conversation can bring on a great deal of anxiety and panic.

You start feeling like you don’t want to bring it up to him…but, you know you have to be responsible.

And that’s when your mind starts going down the rabbit hole…

What if he freaks out?

What if he doesn’t want to see me any more?

What if he gets turned off and doesn’t want to sleep with me?

Before you go down the rabbit hole of despair, Dr. Kelly Schuh, who specializes in helping single successful women overcome sexual shame and discover their happily ever after is sharing with you an easy way to have this conversation with a man you’re dating in her amazing interview.

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