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  1. Writer619 says:

    Oh honey you are living in a DREAM world. There are PLENTY of BAD men out there. Just look at the headlines every day. AND these men…need to get a clue and need to fix themselves also. But they will NOT because they just want to get with the next woman to have sex again and they will NOT take a look at themselves to see what they did wrong in a relationship. This makes them BAD relationship material when if they did the work then they would be good men but so few will. There ARE good men out there but it’s turning over boulders now not just stones. And I resent the fact that you and many of you so called gurus say it’s “always you” that it’s always the woman. BS! I’m more understanding than most women as far as men go, I get them, and I like them…but sadly my understanding has not helped me. And sorry, truly some young little girl like this Nicole, who does NOT have the life experience at all to be coaching anyone but possibly twentysomethings…is no help to me.

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