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Show #238: My guest on the show is Abiola Abrams, a Spiritpreneur and Mission Coach Womanifesting.

Secrets to Letting Go of the Outcome in a Relationship!

Abiola Abrams is no stranger to the workings of love and relationships. From helping you to better understand your own love life to realizing your dream of starting up your own coaching strategy, Abiola knows how to enlighten people.
But when it comes to dealing with hard outcomes in a relationship, Abiola has the tips you need to get past what’s holding you back from moving on from a toxic love environment.
This week, Abiola and I discuss this very topic, one that so many women struggle with as they continue onward in their dating journeys: how to let go of the outcome in a relationship.

Let Go of the Outcome by Practicing Mindfulness

The key to letting go of the outcome in a relationship is to practice complete and utter mindfulness. In other words, you need to be as radically present in your own daily life as you possibly can. We live in such a distracted world, especially when it comes to our relationships, so it’s so incredibly important to live in the moment and appreciate what’s in front of you. Don’t let your mind wonder away to your future—what will our kids look like, will my last name sound nice with his? Focus on who he is and what you like about him in that moment. It will help with your nerves and will also help you focus on the intimacy of the current moment you’re in with the man you’re dating.

Bring Him a Gift and Be Present

When you’re a feminine energy person who is dating a masculine energy person, it’s easy to forget that they love and crave attention just as we do. Though it may sound surprising, bring a small gift to your date—one that you don’t even have to spend much money on. Listen to them prior to the date. What’s their favorite snack? Bring it to them on the date! Was their mother born in Brooklyn? Pick up a stone from a city sidewalk the next time you’re passing through. Small gestures like these mean so much to even people of masculine energy. It will show them that you care and will also help keep you living entirely in the present moment.

Open Yourself Up and Feel Vulnerable

To truly open yourself up and let go of the outcome in a relationship, you have to be vulnerable. This is something that so many women struggle with doing, but by keeping your walls up, you prevent yourself from being seen and from being felt by the people your seeking out to fulfill your dreams of love. When you’re out on your date, try telling him a story that you perhaps wouldn’t share otherwise. He’ll feel that magnetizing energy of your vulnerability and it will draw him in closer to you.
What do you think about Abiola’s tips on how to let go of the outcome in a relationship? Let us know in the comments below!
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