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Show #257: It’s Never Too Late…To Win at Love!

Duana Welch – Author of “Love Factually: 10 Proven Steps from I Wish to I Do!” is sharing with you how to win at love, no matter what you’ve been through in life.

Duana’s first marriage was to a man who she was madly in love with. He was her everything!

She thought their love could overcome anything and everything!

From the outside, Duana looked like she had it all.

She was smart and successful with her dream job. She was married to a man she adored with a baby and had a beautiful home.

But what her friends, family and colleagues didn’t know, was that her husband was addicted to drugs and alcohol.

She truly loved him and she thought that she could save him.

But when he had put their baby in extreme danger, that’s when she finally left for good and it cost her dearly.

She literally lost everything…her home, job, friends, colleagues, pets and her church community.

While she and her baby were finally safe…she wasn’t happy.

She felt like the biggest failure and had so much shame. And then she became isolated and depressed.

Duana never fathomed at this point in her life that she would be starting completely over, in all areas of her life.

While it wasn’t easy by any means, she made it through to the other side and found love again and now she is happily married to the love of her life!

If you’ve ever been in a relationship or marriage with an addict or an alcoholic, then Duana’s story about her past marriage may resonate with you.

Find out how you can win at love again…no matter what has happened in your past marriage or relationship!

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  1. Lydia Silvestry says:

    Suzanne, that was an amazing interview with Duana. It helped me see the reality of my last relationship I how good it was to have ended it. I am truly grateful for her telling her story.

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