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How to Find The Guardian of Your Soul
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Show #258: It’s Never Too Late…To Find the Guardian of Your Soul!

Lisa Shield, Love Coach is sharing with you how you how to find love again with a man who is the guardian of your soul.

Have you ever been in a marriage or relationship where you felt like you were drowning?

Deep down inside you knew you could do better, but you were afraid to leave because you couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But somehow you found the courage and the strength within you, to finally leave even though you were scared.

Scared of being alone and what the future held.

Well, that was Lisa Shield, in her first marriage.

Lisa was married to a man who was a pathological liar, but she couldn’t see it because she was in it.

She didn’t want to believe it, because he was her everything for 13 years.

Lisa’s self-esteem was so low, that she clung to a man who wasn’t good for her.

That was until one night…

She realized that it was the same fight pattern all over again and that nothing was going to change.

Over the years, she had been so afraid that he was going to leave her…but it was at that moment that she decided to leave him!

Lisa Decided to Leave Her Husband

Lisa decided that she couldn’t live like this any more and she was ready to start her life all over again.

Was she scared?


But that didn’t stop her.

A Better Life!

She wanted a better life for herself.

So she took responsibility for her life and made some major shifts.

She stopped running away from herself…and found herself in the process.

Instead of looking for an external fix…She found the solution within herself.

And that’s when she was able to find happiness within herself.

And once she was able to find her own happiness…that’s when she was able to find love again with Benjamin, the true guardian of her soul.

So, if you’ve been struggling to find love again after a failed relationship or marriage, Lisa is sharing with you how you can find the guardian of your soul, too!

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