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Signs He's Not Looking for a Serious Relationship

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Show #326: Key Signs He’s Not Looking for a Serious Relationship

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Has this ever happened to you?

You start dating a man…and everything about him is Ah-Mazing?!

You have so much in common, as far as values and interests….not to mention the chemistry, It’s unbelievably off the charts!

After a few months in, things are going so well that you’re pretty sure, he’s going to ask you to become exclusive.

But days go by, then months go by and NOTHING!

You’re confused, so you finally muster up the courage to ask him where things are going with you two.

While you’re talking, he has this puzzled look on his face and then he blurts out the words you never wanted to hear, “I’m not looking for a serious relationship.”


You’re completely devastated.

You think to yourself…


How did I miss the signs?

Were there red flags in the beginning that I missed?

And the answer is, there probably were a few signs in the beginning that you may have missed…or you chose to ignore because there was so much chemistry and attraction.

In today’s interview with my guest co-host, Monica Topete and I’ll share with you the key signs he’s not looking for a serious relationship, so you don’t waste time on the wrong man again!

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