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5 Signs He's Not the One
Signs He's Not the One


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Show #71: My guest on the show is Robert Manni, Author of “The Guys’ Guy’s Guide to Love”.
Wondering what “The Guys’ Guy’s Guide to Love” is all about?
It’s a fiction novel about dating, love, sex, money and power.  If you loved “Sex and the City”, then you will love this book! Trust me, it’s the male version of “Sex and the City” meets the modern day, “Mad Men”.
Robert also has his own radio show, Guy’s Guy Radio on Blog Talk Radio.  He is also a regular dating contributor for CupidsPulse.

Are you wondering if he’s “The One”?

When you’ve been dating a man for a few months, most likely the thought will cross your mind and you might ask yourself, “Is he the one for me?”
When you’re attracted, you have an amazing connection and chemistry…you surely hope he’s the one, but sometimes when you’re so infatuated with him, you might actually miss the signs that he’s NOT the one for you.

Here’s the 5 Signs He’s NOT the One for You:

  •  He’s Too Jealous

A little jealously in a relationship is normal, but too much jealously can kill a relationship.

Jealousy is a situation where no one wins.  Don’t take it to mean that he likes you more, because what it really means is he’s insecure and afraid about the relationship.

Also, if he’s too controlling that’s a very bad sign. If he’s always questioning you and trying to control what you wear, it will get worse over time…not better!

  • He’s Over Indulgent 

Having a drinks or doing drugs every so often, usually isn’t a red flag.  But if the man you’re dating over indulges in alcohol or drugs on a regular basis, then that’s a bad sign.

While no one is going to be perfect, remember everything in moderation is key!

  • He Thinks Differently About Money

If he’s a saver and you’re a big spender, your relationship may not last. Holding the same values as far as money is concerned, is one of the most important values you must share.

A lot of relationships and marriages completely fall apart based solely on finances.

  • He Doesn’t Want to Be Around Your Family

You don’t want to date someone who doesn’t want to be around your family or vice versa. Family issues early on, can cause huge problems later on, if you get married.

When it comes to the holidays, if he doesn’t want to go to your family’s house, then it can cause you un-needed stress every holiday season…something no one needs around that time of the year!

  • He’s Abusive in Some Manner

If he doesn’t treat you well on an continual basis, that’s a big red flag.

Of course, being physically abusive is a bad, but you must look out for verbal abuse.  A lot of women don’t realize that verbal abuse can be much worse than physical abuse, as it stays with you much longer.

If you find that you’re making excuses for his behavior, then you’re in the wrong relationship.

All in all, it important to never stay in a relationship, just because you’re afraid to be alone.  Just remember, there’s a great man out there, who doesn’t have all these dating red flags…and he may be the RIGHT ONE for you!
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