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Unhealthy - Relationship
Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship


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Show #232: My guest on the show is Tinzley Bradford, Author of “The Settle Free Dating Method for Women”

Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

Tinzley Bradford knows the importance of a healthy relationship.
When you’re in an unhealthy one, you start to question every aspect of your life with that person, preventing you from moving forward in the right direction.
This week, Tinzley and I discuss the signs of an unhealthy relationship and how you can recognize them quickly!

It’s Hard to Leave Unhealthy Relationships

When you’re in an abusive relationship, it can be hard to leave it. You feel like you simply can’t make it on your own, or that you desperately want to be with someone. According to Tinzley, you need to find it in yourself to not settle for anything less than what you deserve, especially when there’s abuse involved. Always remember that verbal and emotional abuse can quickly turn physical, and the faster you realize your own self-worth and leave that situation, you’ll be on your way to happiness.

Emotional Unavailability is Huge Sign of an Unhealthy Relationship

In an unhealthy relationship, emotional unavailability can feel horrible. It can also take a serious hit to your confidence and trust in your partner. If your man is never available to talk to you about your feelings, and instead chooses his hobbies and interests over these important conversations, than you’re in an unhealthy relationship. If he can’t take the time out to communicate with you on how to build and strengthen your relationship with each other, then he isn’t the right man for you.

An Unhealthy Relationship Makes You Unhappy

When there comes a point in the relationship when you’re no longer thriving, when you don’t want to come home for fear of another argument, then you need to realize that you’re in an unhealthy relationship. All relationships have arguments, but when you’re constantly unhappy and bickering with him, a change is in order. Don’t feel like you need to stay in the relationship for a feeling of safety or security. Escape your negative environment and pursue true happiness and the joy that comes with real love.
What do you think about Tinzley’s tips on the signs of an unhealthy relationship? Let us know in the comments below!

About the Guest

Over the years, Tinzley found herself in a seemingly endless state of dissatisfaction with men. Inspired by a desire to end the willingness she felt to allow men to not fulfill her and her needs, she wrote her book to empower other women to make wiser choices when it comes to men and their dating lives.
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