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Signs You're Settling for the Wrong Man

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Show #191: My guest on the show is Tinzley Bradfored, Author of “The Settle Free Dating Method for Women”
This week, my guest on the show is Tinzley Bradford, the author of The Settle-Free Dating Guide for Women. Over the years, Tinzley found herself in a seemingly endless state of dissatisfaction with the men she was dating. Inspired by her desire to end the willingness she felt to allow men to not fulfill her, she wrote her book to empower other women to make wiser choices in their dating lives.
Too often, women find themselves dealing with the consequences of having allowed such dissatisfaction to overwhelm their love lives. This week, Tinzley and I discuss the tell-tale signs that a woman is settling and attracting the wrong men.
Tinzley’s first sign that a woman is settling and attracting the wrong men is when she finds herself always unhappy. She begins to feel as though her partner hasn’t put in half the work that she has into their relationship. She feels as though her man is no longer interested in her, and the lack of attention begins to take its toll.
The second sign that a woman is settling and attracting the wrong men is when she feels as though all of her energy has been placed on someone who hasn’t done the same. While she consistently brings up their relationship, her man doesn’t acknowledge it. He doesn’t claim her as his significant other, and the woman is left in a position that restricts her from meeting someone new.
The third sign that a woman is settling and attracting the wrong men is when she finds herself dealing with habits of her partner that she would otherwise deem a deal breaker. Tinzley says that often, women find themselves justifying their partners’ bad habits with feelings of security, financial support, or even just good sex – they settle for tendencies that they typically cannot stand, sacrificing the values that make a relationship worthwhile.
Tinzley’s fourth and final sign that a woman is settling and attracting the wrong men is when she attempts to talk to her partner, the conversation turns into an argument, a debate, or a battle. Walls are built higher, and the woman begins to feel as though she cannot truly be her authentic self around her man.
Have you experienced one of Tinzley’s tell-tale signs for yourself? Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on these four signs that you’re settling for the wrong man.
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