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In looking back, I kick myself because I wasted 13 years of my life doing online dating the wrong way.

No wonder, I was only meeting men that I wasn’t the least bit interested in. And when I would reach out to some interesting men, they wouldn’t respond. I realized that I needed to do something different, because what I was doing wasn’t working.

When I made over my entire profile using your secrets on the photos and essay, it made a world of difference.

After that I didn’t have to do much, the right men just started reaching out to me. And I was finding more men who matched what I was looking for in a relationship.

The day before Valentine’s Day, Lee reached out and said,

“I was so drawn to your profile. Something in it just caught my eye and spoke to me. I’d love to talk to you.”

When we met, we just hit it off.

I had some dates planned with some other men, but after I met Lee, I canceled them all.

Lee later told me, when he saw my profile for the first time, “I wasn’t letting you get away because I didn’t want anyone else to snatch you up, before I could.”

Lee is so sweet and wonderful. We just have a great time together and he treats me so well. Six months later, we got engaged and now we’re getting married this year!

For anyone who is on the fence about working with you…

I wasted 13 years making all the mistakes and doing all the wrong things. Why would you go through all the mistakes and waste all that time, like I did? I promise you, this works.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, it definitely made a difference and now I have a wonderful partner that I get to spend the rest of my life with.

~ Michele, 64
Sarasota, FL

Before I discovered The Circle of Love Sisterhood, I was so emotionally exhausted and just done with dating.

I had been doing online dating on my own for 7 years. I was feeling so alone on this journey because all my friends were either with someone, married or had sworn off men completely. I didn’t really have anyone to talk to about it and they just couldn’t relate to my situation.

After I took a break, I decided to go back on and had started searching for a Dating Coach because I knew I needed help because it was hard out there and I was getting jaded.

That’s when I came across The Circle of Love Sisterhood. I was like oh my God, there is a community to support women who are over 50 and dating. This was what I really needed because let’s face it, dating is a whole different ball game for us, than it is for younger women.

It was so comforting to be a part of a community, where other women my age were struggling with the same things I was…so, I knew I wasn’t alone.

There were challenging times, but I learned so much from having you as my coach. The coaching and getting feedback on each dating situation I was in, really helped me the most.  And, all the dating videos that are available really helped me understand men better.

Plus, I had to work through my own stuff, like my fear of allowing someone to get close to me and my barriers to let love into my life.

When I first met Dave, I rebuffed him. But when he wrote again, I realized that he is actually the most emotionally intelligent man, I have ever met.

When we’re together, it’s just so easy. It’s so nice to have my best friend by my side and not feel so alone in life. He treats me like gold and I always feel like I can totally be myself around him. I never feel like I have to hide anything or be something other than who I am. It’s amazing!

In looking back, it’s unbelievable that we actually met, because I was almost ready to give up and so was he. He had settled on being alone forever and I was getting pretty close to that point, too.

If it wouldn’t have been for The Circle of Love Sisterhood, I would have given up, but I kept going.

If you’re struggling like I was right now, I would just say, keep going even though it’s exhausting. Because if I would have given up or if Dave would have, we would not be experiencing this really amazing relationship that we have right now.

We are both so excited about the future. We’re talking about retiring together in a few years and can’t wait to have that special someone to spend time with and travel. And you know what? I would have missed out on all that with Dave, if I would have given up!

~ Lesley, 58
Alberta, Canada

“My dating journey has been an adventure, like so many.  I’ve read many books, listened to podcasts and followed a few coaches but when Suzanne created the Circle of Love Sisterhood, I knew I found the right place.  Suzanne offered amazing coaching services and a podcast for years, specializing in real world dating help with heart.

The Sisterhood took her services to the next level.  It is not only an incredible opportunity to receive and hear others learn from one-on-one expert coaching, but we also benefit from a variety of expert guests.

But perhaps the greatest gift of this group is making real connections with other women going through similar experiences.  Though we are all very different, we connect through our frustrations, sadness, joy and success.  All guided by our one-of-a-kind coach and sister, Suzanne.

The community support and Suzanne’s guidance with growing my self-worth, self knowledge and getting clear on my relationship goals helped me find my current boyfriend of over a year!

She created something special and I am so grateful for the connections I have made and the invaluable lessons I have learned.  Thank you, Suzanne and my brave sisters!”

~ Miranda, 45

I hadn’t really dated my entire life, as I always felt like I was just going into relationships with no means of really evaluating the man for me.

I got married in my mid-forties to a man who was emotionally distant and a total narcissist.

When the marriage ended, I found myself single again in my 50’s, and I was completely lost in the dating world and I didn’t know where to begin.

To be honest, I wasn’t successful whatsoever with online dating – I just wasn’t finding any high-quality men. And when I realized the dating sites weren’t working for me, I got off the sites and stopped dating entirely.

But then I wasn’t meeting men organically either, so I knew I needed to be more proactive and get back into dating, but I didn’t know how to go about it.

I knew I needed guidance and that’s when I came across Suzanne. Something resonated with me, and I just liked how she had a good theology about it. And that’s when I got in touch with her.

Suzanne had a lot of expertise and knowledge about getting back onto the dating scene in today’s world and that’s exactly what I needed to know, how to navigate this dating era.

Suzanne knew where I was coming from and she coached me along. She knew that I wanted a loving healthy relationship, but I was struggling with my fears.

When we first started working together, I was very adamant about my fears and somewhat paralyzed in moving forward. And without a doubt, Suzanne helped me breakthrough and overcome them.

I know, I couldn’t have had the breakthroughs on my own because I can be stubborn, yet I knew I needed a coach who could guide me in this area.

Suzanne helped me makeover my online profile, which gave me the courage to get back online. I had more activity and went on several first dates, and had a short-term relationship.

But then it finally all came together and I met the one man in particular, Jordan who lights up my world.

Jordan is everything that I’ve always wanted in a relationship. He’s attentive, listens to me and always puts me first.

I feel very secure with Jordan, and I know he has my back and that I will always be cared for in every way possible. He tells me that he loves me all the time and he will always be there for me…and it’s just marvelous!

It makes me realize that I had to go through my past relationships, in order to arrive here…to know how amazing this relationship truly is.

Truly, I would have never gotten here without Suzanne!

~ Rachel, 62
New York City, NY

I always thought I was fine dating on my own, but I decided to join Suzanne’s program, as I wanted to just do things the right way…rather than what I “thought” was the right way.

I didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes from my past and I didn’t want to waste any more time.

My second marriage didn’t work out because he turned out to be a bad choice for me.

Then after that marriage ended, I picked another partner and he turned out to be the wrong man again because I thought love would “conquer all”, but I was completely wrong. I learned the hard way that ignoring red flags, can pose serious consequences later on.

After taking time to heal from the broken marriage and relationship, I got back out there to date, and was dating as many men, as I could get a date with. While, I had met a few quality men, none were a good match for me.

When I had joined Suzanne’s program, I had reached a point where I wanted to remove all my insecurities and become more self-confident in my choices in men.

In the past, I didn’t know how to be open with a man, as I was worried about turning him off. With Suzanne, I learned to how to open my heart and be vulnerable, which I used to think was a weakness.

She instilled the strength in me to speak my truth and not feel guilty when I would say, “no”. I stopped “pretzeling” myself into being someone that I’m not. I became comfortable with being the real me and expressing what I need and desire from a man.

At the start of the program, I had just started speaking with Ben on Match. With Suzanne’s coaching, I gained the confidence to do all the right things in the early stages of dating, no more second guessing myself!

Instead of waiting for a man to choose me, Ben worked to win me over and for the first time in my life, I was able to choose a man who was the right choice for me!

Ben treats me like no other man has ever treated me before.

He treats me like a queen and I am my total, authentic self and he loves it! We connect on so many levels and love each other’s uniqueness and quirks.

It’s not just how I feel when I’m with Ben, but also how I feel when I’m not with him. I actually miss how loving and respectful he treats me when we are apart.

To be honest, one thing I really like about the relationship I’m in now, is that I feel a sense of comfort all day long. That sense of ease is something that I’ve never had before. So different from how I thought a relationship should be and we are truly loving our journey together!

Suzanne, I am so grateful to you…to have learned from your coaching on what and how to have a lasting long-term relationship.

And I’m so glad to get rid of all those old “myths” of what one should and shouldn’t do…which did not work! Now, I know what works, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time & wisdom!

God bless you Suzanne & I wish you continued happiness & success!

~ Janice, 61
Rochester, NY

“Dear Suzanne,

Thank you for being my coach, you’ve completely changed my love life!
After years of failed relationships in my 30’s, I was truly beginning to think that I was just destined to spend the rest of my life alone. A couple of years ago I turned 40.

That was a reality check for me, because I realized that I didn’t want to die alone (I know that sounds so awful, but it’s the truth!).

I felt like there was no hope for me to get into a loving relationship with the right man. Almost every man dated, either wasn’t serious about having a long term relationship, or worse they all just wanted to date younger women.

I tried all the dating advice from countless experts and read dating self-help books, but nothing was working and I didn’t know why.

And then that’s when I met you. You truly listened to me and you cared. You showed me that there is hope and that it wasn’t too late for me to meet the right man and get into long term relationship, but that I just needed the personal guidance to help me through the process.

Now, I realize why all the advice from all the other experts didn’t work for me. You helped me uncover my past relationship patterns which were actually preventing me from getting into a relationship, even though I kept saying that I wanted one!

I can’t thank you enough. You completely changed my life and how I dated in a positive way. I’m so happy to share with you that I am now in the most amazing long term relationship with Devin.

He treats me like no other man has. He’s my best friend and I can talk to him for hours. When we’re with each other, I don’t even notice the time pass or other people around. He supports me through everything and is always there for me, even when bad things happen. He tells me all the time how much he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me.

I honestly feel like the luckiest woman in the world because I never thought I would find love like this in my 40’s!

And the best part of our relationship is, Devin talks about growing old together and being there for each other until the end…and so now, I truly know I won’t be alone the rest of my life!

Thank you Suzanne, I now know I would have never met him, if it wasn’t for working with you.”

~ Kelsey, 42
New York, NY

“Prior to working with Suzanne I was sitting on the sidelines while my friends were finding love. I had not dated since the passing of my husband about six years ago.

The thought of online dating, frankly was very scary. I thought to myself – I’ll never do that. I lacked the confidence to jump into the dating world.

With the incredible guidance from working with Suzanne, I ventured into the online dating world. Suzanne was there to guide me every step of the way.

I’m currently dating a wonderful man. Not sure where the relationship will eventually go, but I am not worried. Suzanne has armed me with the tools to succeed, whether it¹s with this gentleman or another future man. I have grown so much in confidence in the past year. I could not have done it without Suzanne’s guidance.”

~ Karen, 59

Audio Testimonial from Joan:


~ Joan, 74
Nova Scotia, Canada

“I wholeheartedly and sincerely recommend working with Suzanne Oshima as a coach. She has a wonderful way about her and is a true pleasure to work with.

Before working with Suzanne, I had been online dating on various sites and felt that I was not getting what a wanted: a committed, long-term relationship with a wonderful and loving man.

My feeling is that if things aren’t going the way you want when you keep doing what you’ve always done (and if you’re not getting what you want), then something has to change, or your results will remain the same.

That’s when I hired Suzanne and we began working together.

I was fully ready for a relationship and our work together came at the perfect time. More importantly, I was ready to put in the time and effort that it takes to date until I found the “right one” – and Suzanne was always pushing me forward with encouragement and sound advice in a very grounded way.

I am delighted to say that I am now in a loving, exclusive relationship with a great man. Suzanne’s wisdom and guidance was invaluable.

Thank you, Suzanne!”

~ Beth, 51
New York

“I came to Suzanne at a time in my life when I didn’t know where I was going. I felt lost, frustrated and so sad that I couldn’t figure out what was going on inside me. I knew I needed some sort of help but never knew exactly what kind.

When I say help – I mean help in the matters of “Love”. Here I was thinking “Love” would be so easy to have, find and keep in life. But I struggled and came to a point in my life where I needed to do something about it. I had to change the way I was in love to have love in my life. I was in a 4 year relationship with no future ahead of us and I didn’t know how to get out of it. I was so scared. I was miserable for years and still stayed.

The first and best thing I did was reach out to Suzanne. I wasn’t sure how or what she would do to help me after all I saw two therapists before her; each for a year and neither one of them came to helping me one bit. Suzanne opened my eyes and realized what I was doing to attract all the wrong men in my life.

She realized exactly what was blocking me and why. She came to the root cause of the problem. She identified why I was doing certain things, she recognized what in my past made me create certain beliefs and she knew exactly what to do to help me in unblocking my limiting beliefs.

But most importantly she made me believe in myself again and realize that I do deserve unconditional love.

The next few months of working with Suzanne were a breakthrough for me.

The assignments she provided made me think and go deep down into my soul and search for answers. You think you know how to answer them but it’s different when you actually work on them. Makes you realize how many inner blocks you have and the best part about it is, working thru those blocks with Suzanne who knows exactly the right questions to ask and interpret them.

Suzanne has a talent for knowing how to take your inner blocks, break them and instill confidence and belief inside you so you become empowered and confident about finding your true love.

If you are reading this and have doubts whether you should work with Suzanne or not I strongly encourage you to do so. It will benefit you in ways you can’t even imagine now. But for that you will become stronger, more confident and know exactly what it is you are looking for and want in your life. And that is a beautiful gift you can give yourself.

Suzanne – Thank you so much for making me feel alive again!”

~ Maya, 42
New York, NY

“Before joining your program, I felt hopeful that I would be able to find true love someday but I was very unsure when that “someday” was going to come and I had a sense of helplessness that it might be something out of my control. While my single friends and I tried to put ourselves out there, we always came back with similar struggles and frustrations that we were not meeting the right men or they turned out to be jerks or simply just disappeared with no explanations.

While talking and commiserating with my single girl friends helped release some stress, it was not giving me the knowledge or the right kind of tools that I would need to find and build a long lasting relationship. When I read the wide range of topics that your program would cover, I knew that I could benefit a lot from it.

One of the biggest benefits from your program was for me to really search inward and realize how my insecurities and weaknesses had been holding me back from dating and meaningful relationships. Knowing how to communicate the right way, and understanding how men think, were also important lessons I learned from your program. With this new knowledge, I am now a lot more confident in handling different situations in dating; and instead of constantly worrying about if I am saying the right thing or doing the right thing, I can actually enjoy dating.

And the best news is, I did end up meeting the right man and now we’re in a long term committed relationship!

For ladies that are still unsure about joining the program, I would say this – take a close look at the program and ask yourself what your thoughts are on each topic. If you have more questions than answers, this program is for you!”

~ Z.W. 30
Greenwich, CT

“Before I started working with Suzanne as my coach, I was disappointed, hurt, angry and close to giving up on ever finding a partner. However, I knew I did not want to end up being a 65-year old single lady with 67 cats.

I was willing to change whatever I was doing, that was keeping me single.

Suzanne walked me through my past and helped me see areas that were showing up in my present. Then she reviewed how I was presenting myself to single men – and pointed out areas that sabotaged me.

There were only a few, but they made a HUGE difference.

We also reviewed my online profile including updating my photos. In essence, Suzanne showed me that the person I was portraying online, did not match my in-person personality.

Within days of making changes to my profile, I was on many dates!

In mid November, Dan winked at me, and we have not looked back.

When I ask Dan about where we are going and about our relationship…he says the most kind and loving words: No judgment. No issues.

All the things that I had thought that mattered, really did not matter at all.

The only thing holding me back from receiving love were the judgments I had made about myself.

Suzanne helped me to see the things I could not see – the truth.”

~ Elsie, 58
Alberta, Canada

“I don’t know where I would be without Suzanne. At the start of her program I was completely unaware of the fact that I could take control over this area of my life and that I could make it what I want, rather than leaving it to fate.

I like to tell people that my self esteem is through the ROOF now and I feel worthy of the best and deserve everything. I would recommend her program to anyone wanting to improve their life all around, as well as their relationships.”

~ Lydia, 30
Alexandria, VA

“I would go out on dates and have had several long term relationships, but none have resulted in marriage. My friends & family couldn’t figure out why, as I they would always tell me, ‘but you’re such a catch, any man would be lucky to have you’. Of course, that really didn’t make me feel better.

I really started to feel like in my 40’s that I really was going to be alone for the rest of my life. And while I wasn’t devastated by any means (because I have a great job, am financially secure and am generally happy)…I still felt like there was something missing in my life. I knew I would be “OK” without a man, but I knew deep down, that I didn’t want to grow old alone!

I decided to join Suzanne’s coaching program and to my surprise, it completely transformed my dating life and my relationships with men. I learned so much about men and why I couldn’t keep a man.

I followed all of her advice, and I am so happy to say, that I am no longer single and I just turned 50 this year! I have finally found a man that treats me the way I knew I deserved to be treated. He is always there for me, and he talks about our future together and us getting married. Who knew I would find true love at 50??”

~ Kim, 50
Miami, FL

Alexander - Dating Advice TestimonialBest of greetings from far and abroad Suzanne, My name is Alexander from Norway but living in Denmark.

I just want to let you know it was so liberating to see and hear your interaction with Arica in one of your YouTube videos.

Liberating because you both pinpointed many issues where women need to take more responsibility in the interaction with men – instead of complaining as well as most of the time demand what they want from a man – instead of start giving. Isn’t the simplest definition of love “to give”, so if you want love take some initiative to give some love 😉

All of your mentioned issues go on over here in the Scandinavian countries as well. And having traveled around the world, including the US, here in Denmark, your mentioned issues are even worse – yes worse. You should come here some day – you will be able to see for yourself, as well as create some wealth on the matter.

You are making a wake-up call to all of your fellow sisters and I believe we men also have a lot to learn from you and your findings.

Again, nice to experience you understand the dilemma’s flourishing around and you not only think that it is the guys cockhead doing all the screw-ups in regards to dating.

Please, keep up the great work.

kind regards

~ Alexander, 49

“Thank you Suzanne for the insights into how men think and how they act when they are genuinely interested in a woman – and how we can expect to be treated in a relationship with a man who genuinely has our best interests at heart.

Through our work together you helped me to see the patterns that have played out in my relationships with males since early childhood and helped me to move into my wonderful new relationship with a different mindset.

The Secrets About Men video series gave me a new insight into the male psyche, which is of course considerably different to that of women. I just had never realised quite how different. Hearing about this firsthand from the male presenters on the series was a real eye-opener.

Once this knowledge was understood and assimilate, it was so much easier for me to move quickly into a wonderful new loving and respectful relationship of equals in a life partnership. Each of us is able to “hold our own” and love unconditionally.”

~ Heather, 50+
Cairns, Australia

“Subject: Amazing Results from your videos

Hello Suzanne,

I usually don’t do this but I have become so enthusiastic due to watching your videos that I cannot help but to write.

I came across the videos few days ago and felt like there is really just a curtain which I have to reveal in order to see why I didn’t sustain any relationship which would be longer for more than four years.

I am an intelligent, attractive woman in her early thirties so I don’t have any handicap except some unknown subconscious blocks which are keeping me back.

I felt like the solution is on the reach, but at the same time-unreachable.
I wasn’t sure what to change.

I only wanted a guy who would fulfill my list consisting of 30 points 🙂 But he never appeared…

Then, during watching your video sessions with different coaches…I feel like crying now because I finally reveal that metaphorical curtain and saw an empty clean white room, a part of me where I have never been before. 🙂

Thank you for your lovely passion and dedication to help people. As an HR person and consultant I am thinking to do some similar work in Czech Republic because as everywhere in the world, there are people who need help”

~ Linda
Czech Republic

“I’ve just started my date coaching sessions with Suzanne and I don’t think there are words enough to describe how impressed I am with her services. She’s one of the kindest and most understanding people I’ve ever met. I feel not only that her advice is so on the mark, but she really cares about her clients. I’m looking forward to continue working with her and would absolutely recommend her agency to anyone who really wants someone they can count on.”

~ Denise, 44
New York, NY

“It’s been an amazing experience! I have spent years navigating the online dating community and came up empty. Working with Suzanne was so easy and effortless, she knew exactly what I was looking for and matched me perfectly the first time! I’ve been dating Roger for 8 months and I am going this holiday season to meet his brother and his family in Oregon…thank you!”

~ Melissa, 37
New York, NY

“I was so tired of doing online dating. The only men that I was meeting were men that I wouldn’t even consider being in a relationship with. And when I would meet a man that I would hit it off with, he would disappear into thin air after a few weeks.

I was just about to give up on dating all together, because I figured I was fine on my own. And that’s when I came across Suzanne’s site.

I decided to give it one last shot and signed up for her one-on-one coaching program. And I’m sooooooo glad I did!

After working with Suzanne, I discovered exactly why I wasn’t meeting the right men, not to mention why men were disappearing on me. I was doing EVERYTHING wrong. I did everything Suzanne told me to, and I am proud to FINALLY say, I am in long term relationship with an amazing man! James is everything I’ve always wanted in a man and a relationship.”

~ Katherine, 44

“Hi Suzanne,

I really enjoyed your e-book. I do wear lots of color and I do know for a fact that men do love the color red.

As for being more approachable, that is where I get scared. I will be trying it out more and more though and I will keep you posted.

I just went through the breakup of an agonizing/thrilling relationship. I rushed into it and boy was that a mistake. I’m learning much from Joe and you.

I really love your kind demeanor. I have heard quite a few dating “experts” but I surely don’t connect with all of them. I learned about you because of Joe Amoia, who I absolutely love. I can see why you work together. You each have such kind and sincere ways about you.

I like your style. And, it’s so nice to know that you answer your own e-mails.

Thank you for the work you are doing.”

~ Ruth, 46