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Show #239: My guest on the show is Sandra Fidelis, a Transformational Coach at SarahFidelis.com.

The Secret to Attract a Commitment Minded Man

Inspired by her own need to understand love and relationships, Sandra Fidelis became a transformational coach with a focus in this area to solve her own problems and answer her own questions about being successful in love.
The road isn’t always easy, but you can make it through the hard parts with a guiding light to help you.
This week, Sandra and I discuss an issue that many women find themselves trying to navigate: how to attract a commitment minded man.

Look Inward to Attract Him

The very step to attracting a commitment minded man, Sandra says, is to look inward. Look inside yourself and analyze your own core belief system to identify what it is about you that has the potential to attract the men that you’re seeking. It can be difficult, but it’s a process that will not only help you find the man of your dreams, but also better understand who you are as a person and what you have to offer in a relationship. Remember that the common denominator in every single one of your relationships is YOU.

What Kind of Man Do You Want to Attract?

After you identify your core beliefs and break down your inner system, you need to figure out exactly the time of man you’re seeking and what kind of relationship you want to manifest. Look above the surface level—don’t analyze the shallow things, like appearance or how much money he makes, but take a look at your dream relationship on a deeper level. How should he treat you? What kind of happiness do you want him to bring to you?

Put Yourself Out There to Attract Commitment Minded Men

A final step you can take to attract a commitment minded man is to open yourself up to opportunities to find each other. In other words, you need to take the steps toward opening your dating channels. Find out where the type of man you’re looking to attract would normally frequent, and go there. Start finding the courage to step out of your comfort zone, because chances are that your Prince Charming isn’t going to just come knocking on your door—you need to get out there and find him!
Do you have a story to share? In the comments below, let us know your thoughts on Sandra’s dating tips on how to attract a commitment minded man.
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