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Show #247: My guest on the show is Antia Boyd, an expert at from Magnatize the Man.

The #1 Thing Holding You Back from the Right Relationship

Antia Boyd knows how to navigate love. With all of its nuances, oddities, and mysteries, finding love can be one of the most exhausting, difficult, and rocky roads you’ve ever traveled.
You feel that no matter what you try, no matter where you look to for advice, you’re always falling a step behind in the pursuit of love and happiness.
But when you know what’s keeping you from reaching your goal, you’ll be able to accomplish your dreams of finding the perfect man for you.
This week, Antia and I discuss the #1 thing holding you back from the right relationship – we’ll give you some insight into why you’re missing the mark in dating and how you can improve your chances of finally finding “The One.”

The Need for Control is Holding You Back from Love

Often times in our lives, we’re conditioned by the people and things around us to always believe that we’re right. This tendency translates into all facets of life, from home to work and especially to love and intimacy. It’s so incredibly easy to fall into a pattern of your own customs, thoughts, and beliefs, and you can be unwilling to consider other options or ideas that are not perfectly in line with your own. The key to finding the right relationship is to realize that this isn’t always the case – that you won’t always be the one in the right in every single situation that unfolds between you and your partner.

Self-Reliance as a Method of Coping

The need to be right is of a mindset that many women find themselves falling into. You feel as though you simply can’t rely on anyone else – that your rightness is something to put your faith into as a solid, unwavering component of your life. It’s all about the need for control over our lives as women. Without it, we can feel lost and distrusting of the people and things around us. This distrust creates a huge barrier between you and potential life partners.

Let Things Happen Organically to Find Love

While it may be hard for strong, independent women to let go of that need for control, it’s the first step toward finding the love of your life and securing that right relationship for yourself. The key is to let things happen organically. Practice taking things in stride and going with the natural flow of the relationships that you find yourself in. You’ll feel more comfortable being yourself in front of him and allowing him to enter your space with understanding, patience, and a desire to learn more about you.
What do you think about Antia’s explanation of the #1 thing holding you back from finding the right relationship? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!  
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