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Show #292: It’s Never Too Late To To Reinvent Yourself & Discover Quality Love

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Barbara Klein – Dating & Life Coach – is sharing with you how to reinvent yourself and discover how to find quality love after 50.

Finding Love is Rollercoaster Ride

Have you been feeling like you’re on an up and down rollercoaster ride when it comes to finding love again?

You’re not alone…my former client, Barbara felt the same exact way for years.

Barbara got married at a young age to a man who she loved, but it was far from the perfect marriage.

Who Will Love Me Now?

After many health issues, Barbara’s husband passed away. She was left completely devastated and alone with her two daughters.

At that time, one of the most self defeating thoughts that popped into her head was, “Who’s going to love me now?” because she was 100 lbs overweight.

After she mourned the loss and healed, she was finally ready to date again and started a new relationship with a man. But after several years in, Barbara began to realize that this relationship was no longer serving her and her needs weren’t being met, so she bravely asked him to move out.

How Barbara Found Her Forever Love

Scared and not really sure what was next…

That’s when Barbara’s incredible journey to find the love of her life truly began.

While it wasn’t a walk in the park by any means, Barbara never got off the rollercoaster ride even when she hit the lows.

She stayed positive and that’s when she finally met Ed. Ed treats her like no other man has ever treated her before and he is truly her forever love.

Find out how Barbara Klein, Dating & Life Coach shifted her life to find love again and now coaches both men and women to find love again, just like she did.

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