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Show #288: It’s Never Too Late To Transform Mid-Life Into Your Best Life!

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PJ Dixon – Professional Speaker & Transformational Coach is sharing with you how to transform mid-life into your best life.

Mid-Life Can Be Your Best Life!

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being told that I’m in “mid-life”.

Mid-life sounds like I’m in limbo…I’m neither here, nor there.

While I’m in my mid 50’s…55 to be exact, the truth is I don’t feel like it, or act like it.

I believe life is however you view it and I’m super excited because my next chapter has really just begun this year.

Moving From NYC to Newport Beach

Less than two weeks ago, after living in NYC for 22 years, I moved to Newport Beach, California.

Woo hoo…yep, I really did!

I picked up and moved over 2,700 miles away to be in an amazing place, where I can wake up to the ocean breeze and walk along the beach and watch the beautiful sunsets, like the one below on my first night.

Newport Beach Sunset

Fear Is a Normal Thing!

It’s funny because a lot of my friends thought I was so brave and fearless for taking this big leap at this stage in my life.

And while I was definitely brave…the truth is, I was far from fearless.


Because I’m human and honestly, I get scared just like everyone else!

But what’s different for me?

I refuse to allow the fear to control me and keep me stuck.

I choose to face my fears head on, embrace it and move through it anyway.


Because I only have one life and as one of my client’s so wisely said…

“If not NOW…when?!”

And she’s right…why are we waiting for life to happen to us?

Let’s make a conscious choice to transform mid-life into our best life…now!

So, if you’re ready to start living your best life today then tune into my amazing interview, “It’s Never Too Late…To Transform Mid-Life Into Your Best Life” with P.J. Dixon​, Professional Speaker & Transformation Coach.

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