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Show #250: My guest on the show is Scot McKay, the founder of X & Y Communications. 

What to Do When He Pulls Away!

When a man pulls away it can be devastating. You can feel heartbroken, alone, confused… absolutely all of the above.
Scot McKay has seen it happen time and time again.
This week, Scot and I discuss why this awful situation happens and what you can do to save your heart when he starts to pull away.

Be Connectable When Looking for Love

Being connectable is the key to finding a relationship worth sustaining. In order to begin any sort of relationship, you need to be approachable and willing to get to know people on a deeper level. This means accepting that nobody is perfect, and not every man you date will meet every single thing on your check list for the “perfect man.” In order to move forward in your dating life, you should be open to the possibility of finding and accepting love in any form that it presents to you. Don’t be afraid of things that aren’t immediately what you had in mind as you were picturing what the perfect type of man might look like – he could look and come across as completely different! Archetypal attraction traits are how you’ll be able to be connectable to more people – these are traits that most people are attracted to.

When He Starts to Pull Away, Talk to Him

One reason that he is starting to pull away is that he doesn’t know how to communicate that he just isn’t feeling the relationship. He may feel as though he doesn’t possess the traits that you’re looking for in a partner, that you’re settling for him. Another reason may be that something in the relationship has simply just changed – there’s something about your connection that just isn’t what he thought it was or what he wants it to be. In a case like this, it’s best to try to open up a dialogue with him to pinpoint exactly what the problem is. If he resists time and time again, it may be time to work on moving on from the relationship.

Be Open to Archetypal Attraction Traits

In order to foster the type of deeply connected relationship that’s capable of sustaining for the long-term, it’s important to find a man that wants the same as you do. When online dating, for example, remember to take the descriptions on each profile seriously. If you can already sense that the two of you just simply aren’t going to get along from the beginning, don’t just give it the benefit of the doubt. Search for a man that you can see yourself genuinely interested in getting to know for more than just a face on the screen.
What do you think about Scot’s tips on what to do when he pulls away? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!
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