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What Makes a Man Disappear
What Makes a Man Disappear



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Show #57: My guest on the show is Hunt Ethridge, Dating Coach at New York Dating Coach.
Hunt is a Dating Coach help singles transform their love lives. Hunt strives to make everyone the best version of themselves and become more dateable. He focuses on building up confidence, leadership, image & style and conversation skills.

What makes a man disappear?!

According to Hunt, there are 3 main things that will make a man disappear, faster, than fast! If you can avoid these things, he might just stick around:

  • Being too needy or desperate to be in a relationship

In the beginning stages of dating, if you’re too needy with him and you try to establish ‘relationship’ status with him, before he’s ready…he’s probably going to disappear.  Men don’t like to feel the pressure to commit to a relationship before they’re ready.  Once a man feels that kind of pressure, he’ll probably disappear.

  • Thinking about the future too soon!

You’re thinking about being exclusive, before he’s ready. You’re talking about moving, before he’s ready. You’re talking about marriage, before he’s ready. You’re talking about kids, before he’s ready. If you keep talking about any or all of these things before he’s ready, he’s going to disappear.

  • Saying, “We need to talk!” to a man

The #1 worst thing you can say to the man you’re dating is, “We need to talk!”.  If you say that to him, his defenses will immediately go up, as he’ll know that he did something wrong and you’re probably going to ‘reprimand’ him for it. If you need to talk to a man, just start talking…don’t give him the heads up.  And don’t place blame, just have a civil conversation, where he doesn’t feel like he’s being attacked.

If you avoid these 3 relationship mistakes, the man you’re dating will be less likely to disappear on you.
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