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What Makes a Man Fall in Love
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Show #218: My guest on the show is Jaki Sabourin, Love & Dating Coach at Engaged at Any Age.

Two Things that Make a Man Fall in Love & Commit

Finding love after the pain of a divorce is something that Jaki Sabourin has experienced first-hand.
For eight years, she battled her insecurities and fears of dating, afraid to get back out there and find the man and relationship of her dreams. She spent this time wondering what exactly it would take to finally find the true connection she had been dreaming of for so long.
Eventually, she hired a relationship coach to help her work through the problems that were holding her back. After all the pain and work, she finally met her husband!
This week, Jaki and I discuss what makes a man fall in love and a few ways to make him commit to you.

Make Him Fall in Love with Your High Value

To a man, there’s nothing like the confidence of a woman that portrays herself as high-value. She strong and independent, and she is the type of woman that a man looking for someone to spend his life with would want.
To come across as high-value, you must first accept yourself and recognize that your value and significance must first come from within—not from a man. When you put forth a perception that you do in fact hold yourself to a high regard, men will want to introduce you to the important figures in their lives and take the relationship to that next level. He will respect you for the high value and regard that you place on yourself.

Be Vulnerable to Make Him Commit to You

Not coupling this trait with a touch of vulnerability, however, can make you come across as masculine, aloof and mysterious, and sometimes even conceited—vulnerability is at the very root of what makes a man fall in love.
Open yourself up in a way that shows him who you really are beneath all of the success that has entered your life. Allow him the space to connect with you in a way that draws him in closer—in a way that makes him want to understand you on a deeper, more emotional level. Show him when you’re struggling in your life and inspire him to want to take care of you by asking for help. By being venerable with him, you allow him to fill a space in your life and make him feel both wanted and needed.
Don’t be afraid to feel vulnerable with him—realize that being open is not a sign of weakness. If you’re too afraid to open these doors to him, try to identify why you feel the need to protect your heart. Do the work-around to overcome the anxieties and fears that are keeping you from finding love, and you’ll eventually be able to connect with him on the level that you both are yearning for.
What do you think about Jaki’s insight on what makes a man fall in love? In the comments below, leave us your thoughts and experiences!
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