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Show #212: My guest on the show is Cyndi Olin, Relationship Strategist & Coach at Create Your Own Luck in Love.

What Men Want You to Know

On this week’s show, I welcome back Cyndi Olin, a relationship strategist and coach at Find Your Own Luck in Love. Inspired by her own intense desire to better understand men and how they work, Cyndi has worked as a high-end matchmaker to help women to create the relationships of their dreams.
This week, Cyndi and I discuss the things that men want you to know—a topic that we all find ourselves wondering at different points in our dating lives!

Men Want You to Know That They’re Sensitive

Cyndi’s first secret about what men want you to know is that they are actually very sensitive. By making him feel heard, he’ll be able to feel the sense of connectivity and engagement that you both are craving from your relationship. As much as you may think that your man isn’t sensitive or doesn’t understand you, recognize that he craves that understanding just as much as you do. Cyndi urges women that are seeking to learn more about the men they’re dating to simply listen—show curiosity and give him space to answer your questions. You’ll show him that you’re truly invested in who he is and what he has to say.

He Wants to Feel Needed and Respected

The second secret about what men want you to know is that they want to feel needed and respected—or as Cyndi puts it, “respectfully needed.” This two-way street is incredibly important to all of the men in your life, including your father, your brother, your son, and especially your partner. While this may seem difficult to balance with your professional life, a little goes a long way in making your man feel wanted by allowing him to support for you. Realize that as strong and independent as we are, we still want to feel taken care of. Fill him up with the joy that comes with being able to provide for you.

He Craves Appreciation

Cyndi’s third secret that men want you to know is that they want to feel appreciated. While this may seem obvious, men that feel appreciated for the things that they do for their partners will want to do them ten-fold—by making him feel respected, you in turn take some of the burden off your own shoulders. He will want to keep supporting and building you up, making for a deeper, more connected relationship. With the respect he feels from you, he will love you that much more for the type of woman that you are. Go the extra mile to ensure he feels loved, respected, and appreciated. A man that knows you believe in him is a man that will go above and beyond for you in all the ways he can.
What do you think about Cyndi’s three secrets about men? In the comments below, let us know your own thoughts and experiences!
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