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What Scares a Man Away!
Dating Advice - What Scares a Man Away


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Show #66: My guest on the show is Zan Perrion, Writer, Speaker & Romance Artist at Ars Amorata.
Zan is the Author of the book, “The Alabaster Girl”, which took him exactly 10 years to write.  And Zan is also a teacher of a more natural, enlightened form of interaction between men and women, called the Ars Amorata, or love of art. Zan imparts his wisdom to single men all over the world about his concept of the “natural” approach to women, dating.

What Scares a Man Away?

You just started dating a man, that you really like and you really think this could turn into a long term relationship.  So, it’s important for you to not make any of these five mistakes, otherwise you might scare him away!

  • A woman who is “Aggressively Needy” will scare a man away

A woman who is “aggressively needy” is the type of woman who is demanding and who needs assurances and promises by the man she’s dating, in the early stages of dating.

In  the early stages of dating, a man appreciates a woman who is just excited and curious about where things are going, instead of being demanding.

  • A woman is a ‘Drama Queen” will scare a man away

A “Drama Queen” is a woman who is being pessimistic all the time for no reason, and inventing trauma for no reason.

What a man thinks when a woman is like this is…I don’t need this!

So, if you’re trying to get a reaction out of a man, this is not the way to do it.

And let’s be clear, men are not afraid of a woman who can be sad sometimes or that she had a bad day at work, because it’s things that happen naturally in every day life.  But it’s when you turn unnecessary things into a drama, that’s what will scare a man away.

  • A woman who is “Needy” will scare a man away

A woman who is “Needy” with expecting a man to call or text her all the time, will make a man disappear.

A man wants the woman that he’s dating to have her own life and be fulfilled, too.  He doesn’t want to be her end all, be all. Otherwise it puts just too much pressure, to fulfill her life and his.

But it’s important to remember to not go to the other extreme of being the type of woman who is too strong and independent, that she acts like she doesn’t need a man, as that will scare a man away too.

  • A woman who is being a “Strong Rejecting Woman” will scare a man away

When a man has the courage to walk up and talk to you. If you’re not interested, be polite. Don’t put him down, or act like he’s wasting your time.

Just let him down gracefully, as I guarantee other men are noticing how you let him down.

  • A woman who is “Jealous” for no reason will scare a man away.

Are you a jealous person, by nature? Do you get upset when the man you’re dating is even in the vicinity of other beautiful women?

What you need to understand is men have a spirit of exploration and joy.  Men are attracted to beautiful things.

If you get jealous at everything he does or says to other women, then he’s going to not want to be around you.

The key is, if you don’t have proof, don’t get so jealous….it screams insecurity!

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