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Show #318: What Should I Really Be Looking for in The Right Man?

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Samantha* and James* started dating…the chemistry & attraction was off the charts (*names have been changed to protect their privacy).

Samantha had not felt this way about anyone in a very long time.

She would get so excited every time she would get a text from James.

He would always text her right before he would go to bed at night and first thing in the morning…because she was the first person he always thought of.

It would always make her smile because he always knew the right thing to say to her to make her feel safe and secure in the relationship.

She would always get so excited to see him before each and every date. And when he would hold her hand and kiss her, she would get flood of emotions running through her.

But as time went on in their relationship, Samantha started to feel deep down inside that something was off about James and the relationship.

She couldn’t pinpoint what it was, but it just didn’t feel right to her.

She started to think that maybe…just maybe, he was not the right man for her.

But when she would bring it up to her friends and family, she was left completely confused…

Because why wouldn’t this be the right man and relationship?!

After all, the chemistry and attraction was still off the charts for both of them.

But what Samantha finally had to admit to herself…she was completely blinded by the chemistry and attraction!

She had to face the hard reality that her basic needs weren’t being met in the relationship and deep down inside, she knew James was the wrong man for her.

Has that ever happened to you?

You had so much chemistry and attraction with a man that you really couldn’t tell if he was the right or wrong man for you?

If you want to know what you should really look for in the the man for you, then tune into my amazing interview with my guest co-host, Monica Topete.

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