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Show #249: My guest on the show is Dr. Diana Kirschner, the founder of Love in 90 Days.

Why Can’t I Seem to Find The One?

Dr. Diana Kirschner is no stranger to the difficulties of finding love. Having struggled with finding love herself, she has much to say on the realities behind dating and what it is that’s going to lead you to “The One.”
The journey toward love and happiness can be a painful, bumpy road, and with so many changes going on in the world of dating, it can be difficult to navigate yourself toward the man of your dreams.
 This week, Dr. Diana and I discuss a topic that bubbles down to the main issue that women have with playing the field in order to find the man they’ve been looking for: why can’t I seem to find “The One”?

Your Subconscious is Keeping You From “The One”

So much of our lives is controlled by our subconscious self. Embedded deep into our unconscious are patterns that we’ve been following for who knows how long – patterns that are keeping us from finding love and sabotaging our chances at dating successfully.  The key is to identify and constantly be aware of those subconscious patterns in order to work toward moving past them.

“The One” May Not be Perfect

When you let a person’s imperfections blind you from their other qualities, you may be missing out on getting to know a man that may actually be the perfect fit for you. When you’re dating and meeting men, realize that there really is no such thing as the perfect man and that in order to truly find love, you have to get to know the deeper components of his personality. Don’t let the mental checklist that you have for the perfect man keep you from meeting ones that are otherwise amazing individuals that possess other qualities that you may actually value very much.

“Flameout” Can Sabatoge Your Chances at Love

The final issue that may be keeping you from finding “The One” is the concept of the “flameout.” When you try to force too much passion into an unreasonable amount of time, your interest in each other could very likely burn out before the relationship has an opportunity to grow and mature into something substantial. Recognize the importance of getting to know a man before you jump into bed with him – this could be the key to creating a relationship in which both of you are able to understand the needs of the other.
What do you think about Dr. Diana’s reasons why you can’t seem to find “The One”? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!
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