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Show #254: My guest on the show is Dr. Diana Kirschner, the founder of Love in 90 Days.

Why Am I Attracted to The Wrong Kind of Men?

Finding the wrong men can be incredibly frustrating. You long to meet the man of your dreams, but you just seem to keep finding men that are not the right type for you. Every man just seems incompatible, or you just don’t feel a true connection with anyone your dating at the moment.
This week, my guest and I will be discussing a topic that will help you find Mr. Right and get back on the right track with dating and relationships. Dr. Diana and I will discuss why you’re finding the wrong men!

You’re Attracted to the Alpha Male

One reason you may be continuously finding the wrong men is simply due to the fact that you’re attracted to the wrong type. When you’re attracted to a specific type of man, namely the Alpha Male, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment in both the short- and long-term. For these men, it’s usually all about the sexual elements of a relationship, and these men will often not stick around for a long-term commitment. While it may feel completely natural to fall for these types of men, resist that longing, and look for attraction in more attainable, understanding men.

Gorgeous Men are Keeping You From Finding the Right One

Men who are gorgeous often fall into the same category of men as the Alpha Male. Relationships with these types of men will not give you the relationship or “soulmate” experience that you’re craving, because the connection you feel to him will mostly be built upon attraction and lust. Look for a man that is more to you than just a good-looking face or body.

Negative Parental Role Model Are Preventing You From Finding the One

The final reason that you may be finding the wrong type of men is a negative parental role model. If you grew up without a strong role model to look up to in your childhood, you may feel compelled to lay your expectations on the men that you’re dating. Don’t do this! Try to create the template of love that you did not find in your childhood, building your relationships based on what you feel is right for you and for your partner.
What do you think about Dr. Diana’s insight into why you’re finding the wrong men? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!
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