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Why didn't he call
Why Didn't He Call?


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Show #94: My guest on the show is David Crowther, Dating Consultant at SurviveWomen.com.

Why Didn’t He Call? (when he said he would!)

One of the biggest questions, I get asked all the time is…”Why didn’t he call?
The truth is, the only person who knows the real answer as to why he didn’t call…is the man himself. Now, the majority of the time, it’s very rare that he will tell  you exactly why he didn’t call, so David & I are giving you a few reasons why he may not have called:

  • You never know what’s going on in his personal life

You never know what’s happening in his life. He could be under a very tight deadline at his job. Or he could have had a family emergency. Either way, if he’s interested in you, he will call at some point…just be patient.

But if he has a repeating pattern of not calling, just remember you’re only 50% of the equation. You can give 100% on your end, but he may only be giving you 10%. And if that’s the case, it’s not going to work in the long term any way.

  • He didn’t find you attractive or you may have said something

We can’t sugar coat the truth.  The fact of the matter is, maybe he didn’t find you attractive. Or maybe, you did or said something to completely turn him off on the date.

And that’s OK, because there are plenty more fish in the sea.

  • He might have a girlfriend or a wife already

The man who you met that you thought was so amazing, wasn’t that great after all…because he already has a girlfriend or wife.

So, why in the world did go out on a date with you if  he has a girlfriend or wife?

He was just looking to boost to his ego, or he was looking to have an affair.

  • Some men have a lack of integrity

The man who said he’ll call you, but doesn’t follow through on his word….is a man who has a lack of integrity. And quite honestly, if you really think about it… a man who lacks integrity, is probably not the man you want to be with in a long term relationship with, so he did you a favor.

If he doesn’t call, then should you reach out and call him?

If you’ve been out on a few dates and things were going well, then you should feel free to reach out to him. But just remember, you shouldn’t be the one who is doing all the pursuing by calling and texting. It should be a push/pull dynamic between you both, in order for it to work in the long term.
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