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Why He Didn't Call You - Dating Advice
Why He Didn't Call - Dating Advice


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Show #67: My guest on the show is Mr. Locario, Dating Coach at MrLocario.com.
Mr. Locario is a Dating Coach for both men and women. Before he got married, he was a self proclaimed serial dater who had a knack for getting the women he wanted.  So, he started out by helping family members and friends with dating. Now he date coaches people to help them meet the right person and finally get into a long term relationship.
Mr. Locario is a native New Yorker, so he has a no nonsense straight forward approach to the dating and the game of life.

Why He Didn’t Call You:

One of the most frustrating things when it comes to dating is when the man you just met, takes your phone number but doesn’t call, OR when the man you’ve gone out on a few dates with, says he’s going to call, but doesn’t.
While I don’t think any woman likes to admit that she has “waited” by the phone for a call from a man, I think every woman can admit there has been at least one time when she was hoping for him to call and he didn’t.  And when that happens, you’re left wondering why didn’t he call.
So, here’s the truth on why he didn’t call you, straight from a man’s point of view:

  • He already has a girlfriend!

Believe it or not, he might already have a girlfriend! Yes, that man that you thought was so wonderful when you met him, he might already be attached to someone else, so that’s why he didn’t call you.

  • He didn’t really like you in the first place

Sometimes the the truth hurts, but you know that saying, ‘He just wasn’t that into you!’.  Sometimes a man just wants to get you into bed, and after he does, he just wants to move on.

The important thing to know is, a man doesn’t need to like you to have sex. Yes, really! Men can be detached from their emotions when it comes to sex, whereas women are more emotionally involved when it comes to sex.

  •  He might be scared or intimidated to call you

He may really like you, but he may feel like that he’s not really sure that you really like you. So, in order to avoid rejection by you, he may decide in his mind to save face and won’t call.

  • He’s in his player stage

Every woman has dated a player at least once in her life.  And that player just wants to have sex with as many women as he can.

Women are very intuitive, so if you think you’re dating a player, you probably are!

  • He just gets with women for sport

You know that man that just asked for your phone number at the bar and didn’t call? Guess what, sometimes it’s just a game to see how many numbers he can get. It’s an male ego thing.

 All in all, when a man doesn’t call, as hurtful as it may be, sometimes it’s the best thing that could happen to you, as it weeds it out the men that aren’t worth your time or effort.
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