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Why 13 Men Asked Her to Marry Them

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Show #312: Why 13 Men Asked Her to Marry Them!

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Michelle is an amazing woman in more ways than one…

She’s a powerful, strong, independent & successful woman, who enjoys a vibrant life on all levels.

But, what is it about that Michelle that made 13 men propose to her?!

Yes, you read that right…Michelle had 13 men ask her to marry them.

As successful, as she is…Michelle is able to fully step out of the linear masculine energy in her career and slide back into her feminine energy around a man.

But life hasn’t always been easy for Michelle…

After she married her first husband, she found herself unexpectedly widowed with 3 young children.

Throughout her journey to find love again, it was really tough and she went through a lot of pain….but she had a philosophy:

We are all going to face pain in our lives.

And you’re going to go through pain, whether you want to or not.

But you can use it as a choice point…to GROW through the PAIN.

And if you do the work, then you’ll start to GLOW….

And that’s what men find very attractive.

If you want to hear about Michelle’s amazing story, then tune into the show now!

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  1. Susan says:

    Ya but she sounds like she’s from Australia where men actually want to get married, not here in the USA. She would have a hard time here, nothing to do with feminine energy. I’m about as feminine as they come and never been married or even officially proposed to.

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