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Relationship Advice for Women over 40
6 Times Women Say “Yes”, But Shouldn’t

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Show #198: My guest on the show is Duana Welch, Author of “Love Factually”.

6 Times Women Say “Yes,” But Shouldn’t

My guest on this week’s show is Duana Welch, a developmental psychologist and the author of Love Factually: 10 Proven Steps from I Wish to I Do. Inspired by the hardships she endured from her relationship failures of the past, Duana utilized her background in social science to offer dating advice for women based on facts that would help others that are struggling with their own love lives.
On this week’s show, Duana offers a bit of dating advice for women that find themselves struggling to build strong, meaningful, and committed connections with good men. Today, Duana and I discuss the six times a woman says “yes,” but shouldn’t.

Dating Advice #1: Does He Just Want to “Hang Out”?

The first time a woman says “yes” but shouldn’t is when a man asks her if she “wants to hang out” instead of asking her out on an actual date. According to Duana, this is not a request for a date –  this is a request for a booty call. In an instance like this, he’s not taking you seriously, and he won’t until you show him that you deserve more than a one-night stand. If he asks you to hang out, decline until he asks you out on an actual date. If he’s truly interested in you, he’ll get the hint.

Dating Advice #2: Does He Ask You Out Last Minute?

Similarly, the second time a woman says “yes” but shouldn’t is if a man asks her to meet for dinner that very night. Do not allow yourself to be treated as an option – if you do, men will only continue to treat you as one. If he consistently asks you for dinner last minute, respectfully decline until he understands that you’ll only accept if he offers ahead of time.

Dating Advice #3: Does He Only Call You on the Weekend?

The third time a woman says “yes” but shouldn’t is when a man calls or messages her over the weekend asking to see her. Don’t make yourself seem too available. Give him room to chase you and not question whether or not he feels obliged to be with you or if he truly wants your company.

Dating Advice #4: Is There More Pain than Pleasure?

Is there more pain than pleasure going on within the relationship? If the answer is “yes,” don’t continue to sweep the negativity under the rug. This fourth example emphasizes the fact that happier relationships and marriages are built on a significantly higher number of positive interactions between partners than negative ones.

Dating Advice #5: Does He Only Listen When You Threaten?

Do you only seem to get what you want with one foot out the door? If the answer is “yes,” you and your partner must reevaluate how you solve your problems. If you aren’t getting the things you need out of the relationship without threatening him, your problems will never be solved.

Dating Advice #6: Was It a Bad Relationship Before the Betrayal?

Finally, in cases of betrayals in relationships, stop and ask yourself if the relationship wasn’t going well before the miscommunication or incident occurred. If you answered “yes,” the time and effort that is required to piece that broken connection back together will mostly likely not be worth it. If your connection with your partner was rocky to begin with, save your heart the pain of enduring the mending process.
What do you think about Duana’s thoughts on the six times a woman says “yes,” but shouldn’t? Let us know in the comments below!
About the Guest: Duana found that her interests had been shifting over the years to the psychology of relationships. With a PhD in developmental psychology, she was convinced that if she could use her background to help others, she could in turn help herself better understand how romantic relationships work. Duana soon began writing books with dating advice for women.
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