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Show #241: My guest on the show is Bex Burton, a Certified Dream Builder & Love Coach at BexBurtonCoaching.com.

You’re Scaring Men Off!

For Bex Burton, finding real, epic love was a long and painful journey.
Hearts were broken and relationships ended in disaster. It seemed all too easy at the time to just give up.
But she never did. Years later, after realizing who she was and who she wanted to be, Bex turned her love life around, finally settling down and marrying the man of dreams. She proved to herself and everyone else around her that true love is completely possible for anyone.
This week, Bex and I discuss a topic that so many women contemplate at least a few times in their own journeys of finding love: the possibility of scaring men off!

Don’t Scare Him Off with the Future

When you future-pace, you can set a sour tone to the relationship right from the beginning. Future-pacing is when you make up stories in your head of fantasy outcomes. While planning and envisioning your future is a wonderful, healthy thing for other areas of your life, thinking too far ahead can definitely scare a man off. By doing so, you’re not living in the present moment—instead, you’re creating scenarios that are completely in our heads, and you’re giving off a masculine energy that feels like control. Men can sense this from a mile away! Instead, live in the moment, take each step at a time, and don’t look too far into the future.

Shape Shifting Can Scare Him Off

When you fall into the habit of shapeshifting, or when you show up as one woman on the first date and then as another woman on the second, you can scare him off quickly. Shapeshifting can come across in a number of different ways, most commonly seen in incongruences in online dating profiles. Your pictures and the words you use to describe yourself may not be reflective of who you are in that moment, and it will scare him because he doesn’t know the type of woman he’s dealing with.

If You Criticize Him, He Won’t Stick Around

One of the worst things you can do that will scare a man off is criticize or judge him when you’re in the stages of getting to know one another. When you don’t express what you want and need and expect him to read your mind, you fall into this trap of criticizing him for the choices you’ve empowered him to make. It’s important to express your wants and needs in all areas of your life, and he can still make the decision and be in his masculine while keeping in tune with your thoughts. Remember, it’s annoying to men when you don’t say what you want to eat. Tell him your opinion. Don’t overtake, but express your desires!
What do you think about Bex’s signs for when you’re scaring a man off? Do you have an experience of your own? Let us know in the comments below!
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